“Work At Height” Training

Work at Height Training, Access and Forklift Services are Irelands leading heights and rescue training specialists. We operate as a centre specialising in Work at Height and Safety Training Courses in which our variety of programmes over areas such as – Airbags, Confined Space, Work at Height, Fall Arrest/Rescue, Ladder Safety, Mobile Access Towers, Mast Climbing, Reach & Treat, Rope Access and Safety Netting.

Safety Training has become one of the most essential aspects for any employer within the industry and therefore these courses have been designed with this in mind. Accidents involving falls are complex events frequently comprising of a variety of human and equipment-related factors. A sound working knowledge of fall protection and the efficient use of appropriate fall arrest equipment by skilled and trained operatives are essential for working safely. Against the background of today’s regulatory and commercial challenges, it is in an employer’s interest to select fall protection systems appropriate to the identified hazards, install adequate safety systems, and train employees in the proper selection, use and maintenance of all protection systems.

Fall arrest users require the knowledge and skills to enable them to inspect and use their equipment safely and efficiently. Safety regulations require employers to train employees, who might be exposed to fall hazards, on how to recognise such hazards and minimise them. Employers are advised to produce certification that identifies the employee trained and the training date. Retraining should be provided as necessary.

Course Description: Work at Height Awareness.work at height training limerick

This course is to provide participants with the knowledge and practical skills, who need to engage in work at height activities particularly those who need to wear a harness for fall arrest or work restraint purposes, and instruct a user to select, inspect and use harness and associated equipment safely. The requirements of legislation and standards relevant to the Working at Height Regulations in particular, the “Hierarchy of Measures”.

Fall Arrest Harness

fall arrest training limerick dublinParticipants will cover the following topics:

  • Legislation & Regulations
  • Hierarchy of hazard management – work at height
  • Pre-use harness inspection
  • Fitting of a fall arrest harness
  • Use of fall arrest & work restraint lanyards
  • Fall Protection.
  • Prolonged harness suspension
  • Logging & maintenance of equipment



Duration of course: ½ Day

Certification Validity: 5 years

Assessment: Theory Examination.

Maximum number of Participants:10 persons.

All courses can be delivered on site or at our dedicated training centres in Limerick & Dublin.